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The Girls from Santo Tomas

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      The Girls from Santo Tomas The war was over; peace had returned to the land.  The soldiers framed their medals and ribbons and hung them on the wall, turned in their arms and turned to the plow, the factory, or school. Mothers came home from the factory and shipyards and turned to […]

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Yosemite Reservations

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  RESERVATIONS             “Have you ever been to Yosemite?” she asked.             “Oh, yes, several times,” I replied. “Once when I was very young, but I don’t remember. My father says we camped there.  But I’ve been there other times that I do remember.  Once, right after World War II, I went skiing there with […]

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APOLONIO Click here to read story I opened the letter, and read the words “one P please”. This is how Apolonio spelled his name, but I had faulted and given him an extra P. We didn’t correspond much; our acquaintance was mostly in person, and my fond memory of him persists to this day. Ap, […]

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Kenny Beer


KENNETH BEER [WATCH THE BALL! His first advice to me, and one that he repeated many times over the years, was “watch the ball until it comes off your racquet. Don’t worry about where you are going to hit it.” This advice from Kenny Beer never became automatic in my game, but when followed, it […]

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