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Click here to read story THE FLOOD OF ’55 Rain was predicted – heavy rain.  I wasn’t too concerned because, after all, having lived in Portland for five years, I had seen plenty of rain.  But this had been a steady rain for two days and now we were heading for the San Francisco Bay […]

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ORDER AND SYMMETRY Click here to read story It is morning. I’m sitting on a chair in my bedroom, getting dressed. It’s a straight-back wooden chair with a thinly cushioned seat. The light blue faded upholstery is worn at the left front corner. It may stay this way for a long time. At my left […]

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I Don’t Understand

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I DON’T UNDERSTAND Click here to read story The other day I was driving down the street in my old Ford pick-up when I saw a crowd of people standing around a parked automobile. In my usual curious way, I had to stop and see what was going on. There, was parked, a sleek little […]

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Hotel tax


Would you like the city of Burlingame to collect a tax from her any time your sister comes to visit you from Seneca, Nea York? If she stays in a hotel she has to pay a tax. Why?

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